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Door To Door Sedan, Limousine and Van Service

Door to door service is a term used to indicate service from where you are at to where you are going. The term implies convenience in that passengers have to do nothing but wait at their home doors to be picked up. There are basically two common types of door to door service. The first is ground transportation by van service and the second is sedan/limousine services. You more than likely have seen the shuttle vans that pick you up at your home and drop you off at another location like a shopping mall or doctor’s office. This would be an example of van ground transportation. Sedan and Limousine service is similar but it has the distinct advantage of transporting you in luxury and to any location accessible by automobile.

Door To Door Van Ground Transportation

Van transportation that provides door to door service will pick you up at your door and drop you off at the door of your destination. Some private van companies offer this type of service. The customers that typically use this service are elderly or handicapped and need
assistance from their front door. The driver of the service vehicle will get out and walk to the passenger’s front door to assist them in whatever way that is needed at the time. The driver might push the passenger’s wheelchair, guide a blind passenger, or help carry packages.

One of the main benefits of this door to door service of this nature is that the passenger is much safer. For example, a ground transportation service might send out a pre-recorded message to the passenger’s phone that the vehicle has arrived. Then, the driver walks to the passenger’s door and provides identification and is in uniform. The passenger can rest assured that this is the right person and the trip will be safe and secure. Also, for safety, drivers are usually not allowed to come into the home of the passenger—even if the passenger invites him in. Also, since you have a driver helping you when you are blind or in a wheelchair, the risk of falling or having some other mishap is greatly reduced.

Not all types of pickups are eligible for door to door service. For example, if the passenger’s front door is an extremely long distance away from the curb, the driver may not be able to safely leave the vehicle. The ground transportation company will have established guidelines as to the distance limit of the curb to door.

Beware, not all van shuttle service is door to door. In fact, many shuttle services pick you up at a common depot and may even drop you off at depot.  In addition, many van shuttle services will shuttle multiple people that are all strangers to each other.  This can create two major problems…  1) Safety may be of a concern  2) you must allow for extra time considering there are multiple stops being made.

Door To Door Sedan and Limousine Service

Door to door limousine service is patterned after the same concept of picking you up at your door and dropping you off at the door of your destination. The exception is that it is luxury travel and you are greeted at your door by a uniformed chauffer and led to a luxurious limousine or sedan.

People have used limousine services throughout the years for weddings and special outings but lately many travel agencies are starting to use them. The idea behind using door to door service for limousines is that the vacationer’s holiday starts right at home.
Vacationers do not have to worry about getting a ride to the airport or arranging for someone to pick them up when they return. It’s all part of the vacation package. The limousine picks you up at home, takes you to the airport, meets you at the airport when you return, and takes you back home. Gratuities are usually figured in to the overall cost which makes door to door service for limousines even simpler.

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